List of Judges

This is a list of Judges in the Book of Judges (Read).

I compiled this list while doing our Bible reading during the Theocratic Ministry School.

Name of Judge (Tribe) Time Period Enemy Enemy Oppression Ensuing Peace
Othniel (Judah) a. 1457 BCE Cusah-rishathaim, king of Mesoptamia 8 years 40 years
Ehud (Benjamin) Eglon, king of Moab 18 years 80 years
Shamgar (Naphtali?) Philistia
Barak (Naphtali?) & Deborah Jabin of Hazor (Canaan), general Sisera 20 years 40 years
Gideon (Manasseh) aka Jerubaal Oreb and Zeeb of Midian, Amalekites, Easterners 7 years 40 years
[Abimelech, son of Gideon, not a judge] 3 years
Tola (Issachar) 23 years
Jair (Manasseh) the Gileadite 22 years
Jephtah (Manasseh) – Notable for the “Shibboleth” incident Philistia & Ammon 18 years 6 years
Ibzan (Zebulun?) 7 years
Elon (Zebulun) 10 years
Abdon (Ephraim) 8 years
Samson (Dan) b. 1117 BCE Philistia 40 years 20 years